Laurie Payne’s Tomorrow Theory and the 99/1 declaration

22 11 2011

Payne’s Tomorrow Theory, The Birth of Change and the 99 to 1 Movement

Dear World, it is minus one Celsius here on the mountain-side. Autumn’s exquisite palette of yellows, reds, oranges, and greens now lies on the ground changing day by day, into a brown carpet that rustles around my feet as I walk. My kids and some friends had come up at Thanksgiving and helped me bring in the wood to heat the house. For awhile the woods rang with the sound of chainsaws and laughter and the maraca–like ‘chok’sounds as logs were thrown into the piles. Now the logs are stacked in the woodsheds. My visitors are gone and I am alone in my funny old home.The solitude is deep, and makes me thoughtful in ways that I don’t find in myself during spring and summer, for now change manifests itself more strongly. While splitting some logs I remembered this poem ‘Axework’ that I wrote a couple of springs ago.


The winter hangs on,

The snow coming and receding

Like a flirtatious girl,

Over the eager buttercups,

Wearing down my resistance,

Long besieged by winter.

April the twelfth already!

The juncos back and the robin,

Shuffling and rattling

In the early morning as she

Shapes a nest to her body

Beneath my eaves. But I,

I followed a woman

Into the groves of love

Where she changed her mind image

Along our way, and now that closure

Saps my vitality and joy

As I go out to the woodshed

For another log.


There is a flaw in every log,

A sometimes invisible divide

Where the shaping stresses of the winds

Pushed too hard on tender wood,

Until the lignin ripped

And tore before healing,

Never to be as strong again,

Though the tree poured sap into the wound

And halted its growth,

As the tissue welded.

It is strange to think

Of the trees apparent serenity and strength

Being suffused with the amber glue of suffering.


There is that flaw in every log,

And when the adze finds it as I strike

The bolt separates with a loud “tock”

And is ready for the fire, where matter

Will turn into energy, heat,

In that endless cycle.

And I will sit here, empty,

Warmed by the trees amber tears,

Waiting, until my own solidify;image  

Until they too shine  CIMG2217

Amber and brittle,

Holding torn nerve to torn nerve.

Strange to think

Of peoples apparent serenity and strength

Suffused with deep pain’s desperate epoxy.


There is a flaw in every mind

A seldom visible seaming

Where young emotions buffeted by grief

Ripped and bled before scabbing over,

Leaving a place where laughter cannot tread.

There are those wounds in every soul

And when the sharp edge of words finds them

During the axe-work of loving,

The heart splits with a silent scream

And sudden aging takes place.

And then in every single human heart

Throughout the world, minutely unperceived

A Rupture of the soul takes place

And the amber glue pours in

To hide what no one acknowledges

From the sight of friends and children.

The bleak winds of tissue, tearing.








You see, Dear World, as we grew up in our families , and tribes ,we came to realize that any joy or pain that happened to one of us was shared by all of us. But for some reason that is difficult to understand, we find it hard to realize that we share a global family, and all of its pains and joys eventually form our individual realities and comfort. But the advent of the internet—the growth of our global cerebrum—is daily showing us more and more that we live in a small room; that everyone and everything in our universe is connected. If I stamp my foot the far side of the furthest star begins to send the message back. Things are that tight; that tight. Slowly I came to realize that alongside the absurd folk-mythology of religions seeking an answer to the question “Where did it all come from” they carried crude ethical patterns initially designed to guide us in our search for understanding how to live life happily-the basic wisdoms of the forebears. This gave rise to rules—themselves flawed and needing refinement-about which behaviors produce smooth transfers and passages through this life thing, and which caused us grief, hardship and danger.The religions were antiquainted, corrupt, incompatible with science ( a new religion ), and oppressive and had to go. But we threw out the baby with the bathwater and forgot that certain parts of the religions creeds were useful—some of the moralities of Christianity, the Sermons on the Mount, the understandings of Buddhism on about how holding on to things and ideas causes us pain, and a few from Islam and other beliefs. We forgot that we live in a small room and that unkindnesses, unfairnesses, dishonesties, aggressions, cupidities etcetera resound through our human matrix and discomfort us all. This understanding, which emerges more strongly as we age, swerves the speeding car of material ambitions to the unfamiliar road of learning to be good men and good women. For we human beings achieve our supremacy through our unique intelligence and our unity as a collective co-operative species. Any culture which fails to maximize human intelligence, ability, inspiration, and energies of ‘the lower classes’ is a failing culture. Human talent does not run along the same lines as class and privilege. Geniuses trapped in silence because of financial inequality are an injury to the entire human species. We need and must educate and facilitate the emergence of all abilities in all people. We need it for our survival. Thus the competitive nature of capitalism is destructive, but remains an indispensable tool for material development—hospitals, health programs, opera houses, roads, homes, bridges and a million other aspects of our civilization that need amassed monetary funding. How to equalize the flow of money amongst people without injuring existing brilliance and meritocracy is the major problem we face, and all of our states without exception have failed to solve this problem. If we are lucky, as I was lucky with a hallucinogenic experience of hungos santos in the mountains of the Mazatec Indios of Mexico, we experience a spiritual death and become, like Jerry Garcia, another one of the grateful dead; for in that death we can, for seconds ( or perhaps it was eternities) understand how we and the universe are all causally interconnected. And we can see irrevocably, that the only thing that truly matters is the energy we call “Love”. But we are all human and are all born in eggs of which capitalistic competitiveness ,with that energizing ethos we call meritocracy ( i.e. over- rewarding our brightest) are part of the tessellated pieces of our cultural eggs from which we must emerge to grow.. ( see my previous post ‘Out of the Egg at Last’).

This leads inevitably to our present problem which can be loosely defined as the 99 to 1 problem—the maldistribution of money that is innate to capitalism and threatens to shatter democracy in revolution and replace it with some dangerous form of greater and more destructive state control, such as communism. Politically we are in a condition of inverted totalitarianism at present, but the signals are open for change and I can see them. What are those signals and how can we predict loosely where we are going? Let me introduce you to Laurie Payne’s Theory of Predictable human progress, thus:-

If you, by means of a magic carpet, went back to visit your great great grandfather or mother you might begin chattering to them something like the following “ Grandpa/Ma I read on the internet on Facebook that there was a really great movie on at the moment and I phoned my friend and he/she is going to pick me up and we are going to fly to Nice ,France ,and watch it there.” You glance at your great great grandparents. There are looks of terror, horror and shock on their faces. They are convinced that the family DNA has hit the wall and produced an idiot who must be sent to the lunatic asylum. The more you try to explain the more convinced they become of your lunacy.

What has happened.? No substantive change in the physical world has taken place between their time and yours except these:- All of our languages such as words, thoughts, mathematics, physics, chemistry, technology, and so on have extended themselves like the creepers of vines or more understandably perhaps like parts of a nervous system. As they extended they interacted in places we can describe with the simile ‘synapses.’ When those synapses met they manifested multiple potentials whose number no one can know. But at that point certain things happened. Lets simplify an example for the purposes of illustration. The language of chemistry says “ I have discovered that saltpetre, sulphur and carbon when lit will burn at an amazing speed and produce great heat and gas. The technology language says “When I tried to contain that process in a metal sphere it exploded and killed my lab attendant.” The metallurgist said, “When I made a more powerful flask for the chemist and technologist and they heated it, it blew the metal filling-lid clear across the street!” The blacksmith said “I made a long steel tube for them by wrapping a ribbon of steel around a brass rod and welding it and those other languages used it to direct the lid or lead balls across space.” The carpenter said I have an idea, I will make a wooden handle to hold the rod with, so they wouldn’t hurt their hands when the bang happened.”

A gun had been born. Why a gun and not many other potemntial combinations of the same languages? Because, waiting in the wings of change an artist, a dreamer , a Michelangelo, designing for a warring patron had envisaged the idea before it was born, perhaps in different form but distinguished by the potential of the advancing language synapses to materialize his dreams. Thus, although the physical world of Grandpa and Ma remained the same until today, OUR LANGUAGES DIDNT! When the synaptic connections advanced to the necessary connective synapse state. Spencer Tracy’s T.V wristwatch for example appeared and is called the ‘I Phone.’ The cathode ray tube morphed into television and thence into minute cameras that can enter and travel along our veins and report on our arteries and heart. There are possibly a million other scientific advances that are potentialized at present but we don’t manifest them because no dreamer, artist, futuristic comic editor, science fiction writer has imagined them. When they do it will appear in some form or other. Thus, to simplify Payne’s Theory we can say “When tomorrow arrives it will be dressed in today’s languages.”.Briefly that is Payne’s Tomorrow Theory. Simple enough. In brief, today’s talk becomes tomorrow’s reality. Grandparents, listen to what your children say. They are changing your world!

So where am I leading with this complex thought today in this blog?

Well, as I, an artist/writer, survey our present visions, I see the air stirring with thoughts of revolution. I know that above all we must beware of radicalisms that beget warfare. Alan Watts, as reported in the fascinating book the ‘The White Hand Society by Peter Conners ‘which talks about the 60’s LSD revolution said “I have found in practice that nothing is more violent than peace movements, you know when you get a pacifist on the rampage , nobody can be more emotionally bound and intolerant and full of hatred. And I think this is the thing that many of us understand in common, that we are trying to take moral violence out of all those efforts that are being made to bring human beings into a harmonious relationship’

I was raised during the bombing of London during WW2. I watched and even as a child realised that the entire country had caught that highly contagious and addictive disease called ‘Hate’. I was conscripted into the military and served in Korea in 1950. All of those conflicts were distinguished by epidemic hatred and its fatal distorting violence. I watched in Canada as this disease contorted the Quebec independence movement and then I also witnessed the establishment’s hate war on Hippies in the 60’s and 70’s. More recently we have all seen the women’s movement in the hands of the radical feminists captured by the energising power of hatred that ended with two decades of ruinous gender wars that has left our male/female relationships in ruins.  It is a concurrent human failing. So we must avoid wars and hatred of all manners.

But now I see the rapid advance of the global cerebrum which we call ‘The internet’. I see entrenched and opposed political sides and the beginnings of strong conflicts. I see capital inequality pressing on the needy. And so, I see my children and yours and I want to ensure that the languages we design for the appearance of their tomorrows are more pacifistic, beneficent, more productive than today’s; more co-operative and less competitive: more transparent and above all more understanding that the only value that is worth more, eternally, than any other is the one which we must sustain and preserve at any cost. That value is global LOVE.

Since I appreciate that the global attention span is shortened by the plethora of endless important ideology, I will shorten your suffering by closing this rant with the promise that I will soon continue, and when I do so I will consider the phenomenon of the 99 to 1 movement, the Occupy movement, the Flash demonstration phenomenon and the London Riots. Until then, My Dear World, my love to you. Be kind to each other, Love, Laurie.





9 responses

23 11 2011

Your fast friend reverberates around the pylons of the meaning of your heart. It was enlarged for us, embracing a multitude. Our small room sails a spiral path, and underneath are the everlasting arms of the galaxy. This ‘life thing’ came with such great laughs flying high over the creepers of grief. You baby, can go back with fresh water in your warm bath. Light-hearted, man, deliverer from oppression, a new world was seen by those who participate with you in this ‘life thing’.

More well-rounded than Santa, so glad you visited Mazatlan; there revisiting that alternate place previously encountered? There, in formless courage, we may ride the magic carpet extended from heart to hearts. May you ever feel the warm smile of the Shepherdess.

With you thought pledges to preserve in tenderness the entire system of living synapses, protecting it, like an infant though a ceremony, from all danger of dragging down to collide too hard with earth.

Infinitude of connection lives in your intelligence that always sought to live free and so think unto the consummation.

What kind of ‘angel’ imagined the gun?

With you we cleanse imagination, we become enthused to hear what is within us and make the dream happen.

Your tribe affirms all humanity in a harmonious relationship. And you are still enchanted by the holy Thames, your deep beloved.

In the global cerebrum is cast the infinite variety of brilliance and darkness. Global love alone will find the way, with the heart leading the thinking imagination.

Your thinking words are always substantial, brother, with a stubborn speck to retain those that prefer to oppose you. lol


23 11 2011

Dear Giov, so glad you found my litt contribution to global madness. Thank you for your elegant summary. Yes, global Love alone will make the way but , sadly ,probably not in my life. Love to you, dear friend. LaURIE

30 11 2011

Hello Laurie! It’s been a long time since we sat around the old aluminum table at the Taewez guesthouse. I’m glad you are keeping well. It is my intention to move out to the country as well, but I am currently in West Africa, on assignment, taking a dreadnaught of a canoe up rivers and out to the ocean.

A very mature perspective on the 99% business. I hope we meet again some day.

30 11 2011

Hi Alex,Well you sure get around, and thank you for your comment on my latest blog and I remember the years we met at Taewez which, sadly, has changed under the grasping mind of the woman who owns it. Prices have gone up. The rooms are still noisy but the staff are still pleasant and the place is still pretty secure regarding theft.I spend less time there these days though I have fine relationships with Sayud Jan in the little coffee shop opposite. It is still a useful traffic-bus- river nexus.I am an old fart noweighty in April but still kicking but there is more action where Ashley lives on soi 2. I will be back there is a few days. I too hope we meet again. I am sure you will have some wonderful adventures to recount. Hugs, Laurie

8 12 2011

Hi, my friend, are you able to give more post like this !! As I was very pleased to find this post on this site. I wanted to thank you for this great read. I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have bookmarked you to check out new stuff you post. It sounds, like to share in your more post now and in future.

18 12 2011

Hi Yogamer, I;m glad you enjoyed the post. There are more on the way so keep on coming.Cheers , Laurie

18 12 2011

Thank you “Glass Christmas(Anglin)Glad you enjoyed it. Laurie

31 12 2011

A book we read in high school comes to mind. The Bridge of san Louis Ray by Thornton Wilder. “There is a land of the living and a land of the dead and the bridge is love, the only survival, the only meaning.”
Your neighbor at amazing Guesthouse in Nan, Chris

31 12 2011

Hello Chris, that is a wonderful metaphor in Thornton Wilders book , isnt it. Thank you for your kind comments ref my blog. I am now going to begin a new post which will discuss the current economic situation and the impending totalitarianism.Thank you also for your work on my computer which does seem faster.Right now I am going to check out the Thai response to New Years Day.I saw this before in Bkk and it was interesting because the ‘other cultures’ on Khao San Rd were whooping it up at the same time. The Thai like to sit at tables outside, sometimes all along pavements and eat food. The Westerners were staggering up and down , up and down looking for ‘action’ and getting very stupidly drunk.A happy new year to you.Laurie

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