Wikileaks? Oh My God World!

31 12 2010


Whatever are you coming to? I have just been reading about Wikileaks on the internet. And all about that dreadful man Julian Assange who has upset even governments for telling secrets and making trouble for those nice young American men who were just having fun in the lovely new multi-billion dollar helicopters the taxpayers bought them for their bravery playing soldiers and calling each other funny code names and machine gunning a bunch of Iraquis.  Who had it coming to them, I say, for being Iraquis in the first place—you know foreign and brown and probably not Democratic either. And to top it all they weren’t Christians—quite openly Islamic in fact, and you know what that means. Anyway, as though that weren’t enough, have you read what that Assange man has been up to? He has been womanising! Yes world, he has been consorting with women, those disgusting dreadful creatures, quite openly. It makes one wonder about the probity of the male sex ( not to mention the mindset of the people who  coined ‘women’ as a perjorative ).

No wonder the law-abiding nations like The U.K. and Sweden and the U.S., want to keep him in jail until they can find a crime to commit him of, or pass a new law to make him guilty of one. I mean— REALLY! Dear World! WOMANIZING! And those diplomats who are angry at him for accusing them of saying one thing and pretending they said something different. I mean, dear World , I ask you, would such people EVER get appointed if they were such two faced – well let’s say the “L”word, such –liars– such two-faced Machievellian perjurers and dissimulators, and who are paid astronomical salaries. No World! Governments say these people are honorable men and women, and governments are honorable men and women. So are they all, all honorable men and women. Have they not in protected secrecy brokered countless global apocalypses?  If they say right out to the people of the world that there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Then there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq—even if we weren’t able to find them.

One of those highly educated and honorable diplomats would be able to explain away any perceived contradictions in that situation. It is called The Bellman Phenomenon, after Lewis Carol’s The Hunting of the Snark where the Bellman says,  “Just the place for a Snark.” the Bellman cried. “I’ve said it twice and I’ll say it again. Whatever I’ve said three times must be right! Just the place for a Snark.” So if our trustworthy diplomats say this or that country is trying to make an atomic bomb, and you hear it three times, then it must be true. And the leader of North Korea must be mad if you’ve heard it said three times. And if the leader of North Korea is mad, then his poor people are oppressed, and it is probably our duty to murder some more of our young sons in a war against them because that is how the world is maintained as a free and safe democracy.

And I’ll say that three times as well. The way to keep the world safe and free is to murder the selected best of the upcoming generation of young men by warfare. There, that’s twice. The way to keep the world safe and free is to murder the selected best of the upcoming  generation of young men by warfare. There , that’s three times and  therefore it must be true. The only thing to be settled is whose country to play the war games in…Iran, North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan etc. That’s where these highly educated and honorable men and women of the diplomatic communities come in, Dear World. They will help us choose where to use up all those excesses of weaponry we keep manufacturing; but it is usually best if the people of the chosen country are poor and brown and speak un-English gibberish. Because we will have to hate them all for awhile, until it is time for Haliburton to repair the physical and infrastructural devastation we have caused, and it is easier to hate people who are poor and brown and speak un-English gibberish isn’t it!

Another problem is to persuade ranchers that the best way to produce top quality cattle is to kill off all the best young bulls. But the ranchers won’t have any of that, for some inexplicable reason. But that’s digressive. Another point of course is that the countries chosen for the war games mustn’t have a bomb themselves because that would upset the balance of power. If for example the Iranians had bombs as well as Israel, which has had them since they pirated a shipload of fissionable material on the high seas and had bombs out on the tarmac during the six days war, then their treatment of Palestine would have to be different. Which would be intolerable for the U.S. for whom Israel’s military power in the Middle East is crucial.  They might have to tell their own people why they keep giving Israel so much of their tax money, which would be difficult for an honourable government wouldn’t it Dear World.

And  the Canadian government might have to explain to the pro-Afghan War feminist lobby that Canada wasn’t actually there for women’s rights or for installing democracy, but to support America’s power in the Middle East oil patch. And that would be an awful thing for them to have to do. So it is no wonder that patriotic, humanistic democrats are mad at Assange who with his persiflage is just taking this democracy thing far too literally, and messing up all the of diligent deception of the diplomatic community and Power everywhere.  And as for Corporal Manning- just because his life is on the line in all this brouhaha doesn’t mean that he is entitled to know whose side he is really on does it Dear World. AAAh! What a muddle. What a muddle! I must admit to a great deal of confusion.

Well, World, irony aside, what are the really pertinent issues raised by Wikileaks?

I have to admit to growing feelings of  fear amongst my excitement from the proceedings following the beginnings of Wikileaks, and it does not arise from the sense that Wikileaks will cause vast human problems, but rather that they won’t. Because from what I read, there has not been from beginnings to end one scintilla of remorse expressed by the Wikki Opposition—not a single Ooh! Whoops! Not a single expression of contrition, not one admission of failure by systems of military, governmental or corporate activity; not a hint that anything revealed by Wikileaks was in any way out of line with acceptable practices. Hilary Clinton, second in command of the world’s greatest power, went out of her way to shoot at the messenger. The world was expecting her to announce that the men seen in the videos slaying a dozen civilian Iraquis and two children and all their military superiors  up the command line would be prosecuted for murder. But no. Nothing. Only the Caliban rage of America seeing its reflection in the global mirror.

No word of condemnation of the acts of killing thousands of men women and children by toxic waste dumping in the Ivory Coast has emerged from any sector of government. And from the British members of parliament who helped the corporation responsible by passing a gag-order motion in parliament forbidding the press to mention the disaster—Nothing. As more of the leaks emerge and the two sides that The Leaks have generated listen to this epic of murder, madness, greed, dishonesty, brutality and inhumanity, all that one can gather is that one side is horrified that so much could have remained hidden which was public property,  and the other is angered and indignant that the revelations violated their ‘private’ domains of power.

I, like everyone else in this all too human world have become inured over the years by media revelations of disasters and skulduggery of every conceivable horror and scale. But those revelations were  presented inside a framework of universally accepted moralities. Usually, despite the scale of the transgressions, human, civic, judicial, or governmental, remedial or punitive actions followed.Not so with the Wikileaks. And here is one of the things that frightens me somewhat. What has been revealed  is not so much a series of betrayals of the human spirit of fundamental decency, as the presentation of a loosely conjoined conspiracy of corporations and governments to perpetuate the supply and dominance, at any human cost, of the worlds most dangerous and addictive drug. Money.

Money, our most beloved addiction and greatest ever tool, combined in consensual conglomerations, gives us our super-freeways, our bridges, our concert halls, our hospitals, our schools, our motor cars, our trains, airplanes, our ships, our food, our houses: and our wars. And our armies. We are all co-opted. There is no longer any neutral ground. And it is here that I find my inner tremors centering. For money, capital, after certain levels of concentration that become exponential, multiplies regardless of human effort, or lack of it, until the resultant centers of power transcend those of states,  and bestow upon multi-trillionaires the capability of mustering armies greater than those of state’s. Simultaneously the wealth of ordinary working individuals declines before rising prices as the gap between the two poles increases proportionately. This system is called Capitalism. As it spreads—as spread it must by its very nature, an inevitable horror arises in its movement overseas from its nexuses in developed countries. And this is what we call global capitalism. As it grows it becomes increasingly tyrannical, supressing individualism , criticism, and control as, in its turn, it conspires to control people with the connivance of ever money-hungry governments . Capital is an utterly amoral force driven by its imperative –that money should continue to move.

So what is it that I find so intimidating about the wonderful ’system’ that has brought us so much? It is simply this. That as the gap between rich and poor increases, that potential utter madness of human nature, Revolution, waits sword in hand in the wings of evolution.  To date we have found no fiscal or governmental mechanism for averting it.  On the contrary, as the Wikileaks controversy illustrates so vividly, it co-opts capital institutions no matter how populous their beginnings—See Amazon, Pay-pal, Visa, Apple, Bank of America et al.

So what else is frightening about the Leaks? Money, the dirty paper that runs the world, has evolved by laws of convenience from barter to coins, and gold to paper,  and paper to plastic . The movement towards the cybernation of money contains within it the greatest terror of all. For the time is fast approaching when global trade has traduced barter utterly and as a result every human on earth must have a job, and must enunciate his existence within the alphabet of money. When money is totally digitalized—or even before that, the absolute people-control will be complete. The money we live on can simply be stopped from flowing our way. Resistance, ideological opposition of any and all kinds can be bloodlessly controlled by starvation.

Should anyone reading this have any doubts about this think briefly how the Capitalist Wiki-Opposition rallied to deny the payments to Julian Assange of his own money by interfering with the transfer channels they control. Think of international travel controlled by passports . Think of secret ‘No Fly’ lists. As a young man I grew up in a world where I could travel free of any documents. I.D.s had not been invented. Successive global conflicts and phoney wars, for example against terrorism and drugs provided for governments the justifications for greater and greater people-control ,and in a classic Orwellian sense, more ‘security –for which read ‘insecurity.’

From within a hungry, impoverished, disempowered and out of work community, a private army financed by a trillionaire will find no difficulty in recruiting highly armed forces to attack its own civic nationals. Remember Taksin and the red shirts of Thailand in 2009? Increasingly empowered and  heavily armed police forces are always present, always growing ,and always prepared to do the states bidding. The police too are as amoral as loaded guns.

”You may vote for anyone you like , Sir, Madam, as long as it is for one of us. And may I see your Political Clearance Card please.” will be  tomorrow’s message. Thus, Dear World, despite my spiritual optimism that we are a deity-bound species, deep in my psyche I fear the creeping shadow of Totalitarianism, and I fear…

The Turning of The Wheel

Time’s ill.

As science puts on Moses moral garb

And leaps towards the stars,

I hear again the hideous squeak

Of high and polished boots

Gain strength beneath blue business serge.

Love lives by name and dies by deed,

While madmen, holding scapels

In their bloody hands

Divide and re-divide

Their kingdoms made of mud.

I hear the turning of the wheel

Pause brief on young and tender bone.

I grow afraid, with a child’s fear

Of the long and silent falling

Through the night to come.


I pray that I am deeply mistaken.

copyright Laurie Payne




9 responses

9 01 2011

Sir – your heart needs no aid to hear, your mockery threatens the dragon’s opulent lair, if we can string it on a heart-web across the continents. The perps will probably remain shameless, we, in patience will posses our souls, and if we penetrate into the heart of cosmos god knows what dreams may awaken to shape the future. Your keenness is an ubiquitous fragrance, at least it is noted here. May some comprehension and solidarity mollify the distress of such appalling truths. Be sure we value the fact and feeling, as impossible as it is to process. Cheers mate.

9 01 2011

Yes madness grips the world, But “How can man die better than facing fearful odd, for the ashes of his father and the temples of his gods”

13 01 2011
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15 01 2011

Hello ip camera. I am glad you liked my blog. I will be writing a new post soon. All the best .Laurie

26 01 2011
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Great site, though I would love to see some more media! – Great post anyway, Cheers!

28 01 2011

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29 01 2011

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30 01 2011

Dear Ceceliarawdong , well welcome to the game. I’m new too . But the Kudos must go to Asange for facing a rough opposition to tell us all what is happening out there in our names. I have some more posts coming up shortly so hang on in there. Hugs Laurie Payne.

17 01 2016
David Cornfield

Hi Laurie
It’s been a long time since you posted here, and I have no idea whether or not you still pick up these comments, or even if you are still on the planet, but I thought I’d give it a shot.

I first met you in Ottawa in 1972, at a seminar where you were billed as the “speaker”, except when you arrived, you didn’t speak. You arrived ten minutes late, you settled into lotus pose at the front of the room and you proceeded to sit there saying nothing for what seemed forever. The room got quiet, and then restless. By the time you actually opened your mouth, some people had left in a huff and the rest were having a variety of intense reactions. The seminar took off from there. A few months later I was helping to organize a retreat at Stanley House, and, remembering your seminar, I made sure your name was on our invitation list.

The event itself, turned out to be an amazing experience for me personally. On the last day I was walking on the beach and absent mindedly picked up a stone, tossing it up and down for a while before looking at it, only to discover that what I held in my hand was a rock that looked as if it had been stretched. It was how I felt about myself that week – a rock that had been stretched.

You were an important person for me that week. I remember you telling a story about a series of doors that carried warnings about progressively scarier consequences if you opened the door, and how the warnings were there to keep people from entering paradise. I also remember asking for help me to go through a door of my own. I don’t know what we were smoking that evening, but it was a new experience for me and started me on a journey of discovery that I am still on.

So this is to thank you for your help all those many years ago. I thought you might like to know that you had an impact, Please feel free to get in touch with me if you are so inclined. You can reach me at davidcornfield@gmailcom.

Muchos gracias

David Cornfield

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