Ships and string and Wikileaks.

14 12 2010


Once again I have weathered the madness of leaving my country retreat and , as usual, have left behind many important things such as my hearing aids.There are those who say there are no such thing as accidents. The I Ching is one of these and states that all happenings are remotely caused by previous behaviours which  frequently have been forgotten. Others believe that a quasi-magical force operates to award us our fates so that all occurrences carry cryptic messages. They might suggest that I was doomed to spend the next four months out of contact with my fellow humans; perhaps so that I can learn an inner wisdom in silence. My kids have determined that the causal factor is my advancing idiocy. Well, as the youngsters would say, ‘whatever’.Here I am. The unbelievably massive planes have lifted and landed feather-like with roars of ecstasy and dropped me in Bangkok, the hub of Asia and I am , finally, warm again. But how is Asia at the beginnings of a new year, 2011?

Well Asia is Asia.In Mumbai a five year old girl survives being thrown out of a train during a fight about sharing a seat . “I would have given him the seat if I had realized he was a maniac” said the father- a hindsight remark that makes  me wonder if we could have re-run the Iraq war backwards and put George Bush 11 in the looney bin had we but realized.The child survived.s

A buddhist monk was busted for drug possession and trafficking in Thailand.What price ecstasy?  Surely those dedicated to the search of God or Buddha deserve all the help they can find.

A student eating curry in the canteen of his university in Bangladesh found the head of a rat ; an experience which he said made him feel ill. What price higher learning?After all he  wasn’t obliged to eat it.

In Aceh province in Indonesia neighbours saw a couple kissing. The lovers were  both married to other partners. The neighbours, who doubtless shared a passion for gender equality, all gathered  gleefully to witness the scene when both were sentenced and beaten with sixteen strokes of a cane. Shadenfreude  sadism and voyeurism are obviously more attractive than sex.

Chemical analysis of till bills revealed that they all contained BPA a highly carcinogenic chemical which transfers  as much as 2.5 micrograms in 10 seconds to hands and money and can cause cancer, obesity and early puberty: which might have therapeutic applications for some of the 2,700 geriatric men aged 75  to 95 tested by scientists of the University of Western Australia, and found to be less able to get it up but still interested in sex. Some of them  are possibly wandering around Thailand without hearing aids listening for the magic word “Yes” and a return to puberty

In other words , the world or the East, as usual, is proceeding much like that of the West where he world has been watching…. 



To imagine that states will surrender their redout of mendacity and share power with the commons as a result of a cluster of exposures seems to me to be the height of naivete. For if there is one thing that all states have inherited from the utterly amoral and crass governance of George Bush 11, it is the twentieth century paranoia of terrorism and the addictive practices of people-control that it enabled in the name of their own security. This is as true in Moslem countries as in the West . Bin ladin and the C.I.A. are each other’ s mirror images- the catch-all rationalizations for the deepest violations of peoples’ freedoms and rights the world has ever seen. To think that governments will abandon their security systems, their data banks, their secret police forces, their spy links, their communications interceptions , their undercover agents ,their intrusions and violations, their lying and their murdering because of some quaint new Pentecostal sense of guilt, and be reborn open and loving like the wizard of Oz is pure dreaming.

No, what has emerged from Wikileaks of some merit is that we have seen, in the scramble to the barricades, a better understanding of how the power structures are aligned and who is on which side. Yet most of the deepest power brokers and manipulators are suddenly more evident in their silences than their actions—The Israelis, The Zionists, the Obama administration, Wall st, Hollywod and the really big money none of whom wish publicly to be identified as pro-mendacity and totalitarian. But we have also seen in the surrender to pressure of Amazon and Pay Pal etc., how fragile the bastions of the internet are. We now understand that even if the data banks of government were devastated tomorrow and the internet blocked by hackers, laws would be rushed through governments overnight to force Google to surrender-perhaps with compensation-all that it has gathered about us all. The Genie is out of the bottle and it isn’t going to go back inside. It is equally naive, I feel, to imagine that the mere numbers of protesters is going to bring change. The U.S. decision to invade Iraq resulted in a three million signature global petition—the greatest the world had ever seen. Its result was zero.

Thus when Wikileaks has fired its last salvoes and governments have been ultimately shamed the inevitable recovery of the global financial system will continue, and the documents that hitherto travelled incognito beneath the shelter of the stamped words TOP SECRET will then be encrypted because, at the moment, code makers are well ahead of code-breakers and will probably remain so. It took hundreds of years of diligent research to open the Rosetta stone. It might take as long as that for the world to rid itself of the disgusting disease of the armanents industry. We should not be too sanguine about such possibilities. Obama who is intimately aware of the puppet strings attached to him warned us of that. We must expect just wars he warned, sounding like Bush, because there is evil out there. The five plus trillion armaments industry sustains more jobs than the reeling U.S. economy could withstand and that amount of weaponry has to be routinely dropped on someone in order to be replaced. Sorry Abdul. Nothing personal. Money must move.

What else emerged was a brief vision of the plaintive and terrible hunger of the world for honesty and transparency in all matters of state. People want a final end to the frightening creep of governments and states towards a renewed growth of authoritarianism with uniforms of all ilks. repressive laws, and burgeoning police and security forces. That old arch enemy of civilisation, fascism, which was checked for awhile during the sixties and seventies has been building since then and is now armed as never before with every imaginable device and mechanism of the technological age. If citizens have not been sufficiently indoctrinated into obedience in kindergarten or changed into little soldiers in junior high marching drills with uniforms and wooden rifles as in China and North Korea or cadets in the west, then they are subdued by the necessity to get a job where they learn that Money is God and vice versa and without God you starve. The police are equipped with so many laws that no one is squeaky clean and everyone and anyone can be jailed and held under the most feeble of pretences as Assange discovered. Even our most ancient and cherished legal safeguard against unjust detention, the Magna Charter, can be legislated away at the whim of a leader, as Pierre Trudeau demonstrated to Canadians during the F.L.Q. uprisings.

Up to now I have not discovered amongst the dialogues surrounding Wikileaks one single expression of regret, not one admission of guilt even for the videos of eight innocent Iraquis being murdered by Apache machine gunning. Instead tame spin doctors with extraordinary historical amnesia bleat on about lives being endangered by Wikileaks. World War 1’s millions of dead, World war 2’s millions of dead, those from Korea,Vietnam,Iraq, Afghanistan and hundreds of mini-actions all conveniently forgotten as these blathering sycophants wag admonitory fingers in our faces and attempt to guilt-trip us with unsubstantiated ‘endangered lives.‘ Are they utterly mad? Is our species utterly mad? Can an entire nation become psychopathically paranoid without one person noticing it and blowing the whistle? Well the answer, tragically blowing like a toxic historical tornado from the global killing fields of Choen Ot and Cambodia’s murderous prison S21 is “Yes! Entire nations CAN become deranged” It is against this manifestation of mass human mind disease that Wikileaks is a piteous squeak of protest. The accounts of diplomatic faux-paus are trivial echoes of high-school gossip cliques.What is important about Wikileaks is the question raised on behalf of an entire world utterly and finally repelled by the deaths of its conscripted children, it’s youths, its loves, its yearnings for peace ,for civility,morality and truth and its innocence.

That question is, ‘Will the status quo simpy ignore it, distort legal systems the better to crush dissent and enquiry and continue the age old history of murder and war by other and any means. Or will it read the silent agony of the masses and change the directions in such a fashion that the Iraq war, for example could never happen again?’ For that answer our times awaits with bated breath.In the shadows Revolution stands sharpening its sword.Let us replace it with a pen.

copyright Laurie Payne




13 responses

14 12 2010

I sadly am in agreeance…..Wikileaks seems to be exciting the politicians much more then the sleepy general public or muzzled newspapers whom were specifically given info and only releasing the easy stuff….if any at all. It is a waiting game…..politicians pray for time to bring forgetfulness and apathy which is the frightening byproduct of that “what the fuck can i do about it” feeling. We arenot screaming loud enough. Good thing your hearing aids arenot in after all.
xox Mem

15 12 2010

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15 12 2010
Bosal Exhaust

Hey thanks for this not good post. But I still dont get the third part though! – Bosal exhaust

15 01 2011

Dear lisabosal, thanks for you mesage on my blog. I am not sure whether you did or didnt like the post tho, because you say thanks for the not good post. Anyway thank you for taking the trouble of writing.Laurie Payne

9 01 2011

Yes maestro, it seems your inner ear is hearing achingly beautiful strains of pathos seldom found in this gossamer net, so fouled with confounded dust and other droppings. Believe me there is a distant resonance from so many wondering what the hell will succeed in vanquishing this hydra. You are brilliant consciousness forging chambers of intelligence in space with your love.

9 01 2011

And there we shall meet again some time in the Grove of Forgiveness.\love and hugs.Laurie

13 02 2011
Cherry Payne

Hi Laurie I belive I am your 1st. cousin Cherry your uncle Charles Payne s daughter do let me know regards Cherry

20 11 2011
Gerold Rupprecht

Hi Laurie,

Thanks for writing. I learned a few things about you from your writings. I have more respect for you than ever.

I look forward to seeing you again.

Greetings from Geneva, Switzerland.
Best wishes,

20 11 2011

Hello Gerald, Good to hear from you .So you are back in the arms of Mama switzerland! I hope the world is treating you as bountifully as you deserve and thank you for the kind comments. \hang in there. I will have a new post soon but now I am racing to prepare my winter home for four months woithout my tender care. Asia again. Love and hugs old friend Laurie

16 01 2012
Jaca Pwal Adamu

Hello Laurie,

This is from Jacqueline, your mountain girl when I was just 17.

Thereafter I returned, four years later, to find you in your mountain retreat
way up the beautiful rocky mountains of Kamloops.
I was with my friends Patches and John Groff, do you remember me?

Now thirty plus years have passed and here you are – Bene perseverare con literary mirth, active and vital and keen, and seemingly as horny as ever (smile),,,

How the hell are you?

16 01 2012
Jaca Pwal Adamu

Yes, send me your comments via email please.

16 01 2012

Jaqueline I have sent yo two emails and both bounced. Please reply to me at Hugs.Laurie

16 01 2012

Jacqueline, I have sent you two emails with photos. They both bounced. Please confirm your email– Love and hugs Laurie

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