10 12 2008

Well, hello dear world. Which is a strange way to address you, whom I envisage as friendly, between the ages of ten and a hundred, totally addicted to words and the beauty of our language, to writing, to poetry,  to story-telling, to travel,and to music (especially making it). In this blog I want to share with you some of the incredibly beautiful, strange and funny incidents of my many years travelling around this little globe which sometimes can seem so huge.

I should tell you that as a voyager I travel rough—which is an euphemism for cheap, partly because I never have the finances to stay in elegant hotels and really don’t enjoy them much. I want to mingle with the ordinary people of the foreign lands I traverse and the ‘ordinary people’ are not to be found in the Hilton.  I don’t book ahead except for air lines. I embrace situations where I am in need of local help. These sometimes frightening scenarios where I arrive late at night in places without any of he usual travelling amenities –no hotels, no guest houses, with no common language are those which introduce me to the kind of  people I want to meet. It is like hitch hiking-of which I have done a lot. When you are on the road with your thumb out you are looking for special people—the compassionate ones. The others don’t stop. This deliberate artificial filter takes me where I want to be—with good people.

So much for travel. I have some hilarious stories for you Dear World. My poetry is ongoing. I have one book of poems (Glimpses)—unfortunately out of print, but here on this blog , from time to time you will encounter the more  recent poems.I understand from my dear nerd friends that I can transmit music through a blog. As of yet I don’t know how. Please be patient with me. I am technologically challenged. I am a terrible typist and this amazing computer, on which I am writing to you, is my first sortie into the magical world of I.T. and I want it – our relationship- to be joyous, sensitive, intimate  and loving.  I will never lie to you but you will have to discover the borders between experience and fantasy. Both are legitimate and wonderful. As I enter it I am meeting wonderful young people of incredible kindness who are helping me cross this street like my dear friends at a cutting edge media enterprise in Vancouver B.C Canada, who have sacrificed hour upon hour dragging my sorry autumn mind through Bill Gates futuristic mazes.

Let me explain the format I will be using. Firstly there is no time continuity. I may sit in Bangkok writing the account of an incident in Indonesia or Canada ten years previously. The same time schedule applies to poetry and fiction. It is not news.Think instead of sitting around the fire with a bottle of fine Canadian beer and listening to a storyteller somewhere in the rocky mountains of Canada.

`house summer 2008 010

Here’s the funky old home I have been building for thirty five or so years—and I still am. It looks glamorous but is really just an old 60’s hippie house and is made of about 80% recycled lumber from old barns and materials from the local dump. But it has eaten up a large  part of my life and trained four renaissance kids    


I thought at first that I would offer you a kind of resume, Dear World, but that seems unnecessary and presumptuous. If you hang around this site you will get to know me and I hope we will be good friends. But I should tell you that, among other headgear, I wear the hat of writer and have done so for a great many years and I hope,later, to introduce you to one or the other or both of my current books. 

I should  also tell you that I have spent many many years in deep solitude in the Rocky Mountains and my life– or parts of it- are deeply eremitic. ( A lovely word. I had to look it up . It means ‘pertaining to the life-style of monks’.)I will talk to you about the deep yearning nights of winter, snowbound alone and aching for companionship, especially feminine’, and the ecstatic wonderment of waking to the purple-tinged and glittering belugas of sunlight on mounded fresh snow.But that is all to come. In the meantime I will sign off, hoping that I have performed all the requisite computer moves and say, goodnight, Dear World.See you later.Laurie




One response

12 12 2008
Dorian Payne

Hey Pa,

The blog looks good! Very professional and all. It’s good to hear that you have made it to your destination safely. I hope you are fed and cared well for over there. All is well here and we are expecting our first big snowfall overnight and through tomorrow. Temperatures are dropping to -16c by Monday.

Cheers for now,

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