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29 11 2008





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1 12 2008

Welcome to the Blogosphere Laurie!

15 12 2008
gerard wiseman

hi laurie,
if you’re in phuket area, please drop by. thai mobile number:0848445868
seeing your photo of the cabin when you first started and the words you write got my soul reminiscing; years long past.
You gave me a pidgeon one year when i was just a bit bigger than one, happy thoughts, happy travels,++(one of my cats just walked across my keyboard to leave a couple ++, cool) thoughts of faraway lost homes, nice you still have your place to pass on.
good blogging

18 12 2008
Pilinka Wiseman

Hello Dear Laurie!!
Martin (my uncle) sent me a link to your blog and I am very happy to have it. Wonderful to read your stuff.
My life has improved my leaps and bounds – i live in Nanimo now and have been here since Feb 9th 2004 at which time i was brought by Gerard to Edgewood – a private treatment center for addiction. I stayed in treatment for five and half months and then decided that I had better stay here in Nanaimo rather than return to the shuswap where all my triggers were, as well as the danger of retaliation from Marty Butler’s family for testifying against him in the trial in which he was charged and convicted of the manslaughter of a local coke dealer.
This Feb. 9th I will celebrate five years clean and sober.
Who’d’ve thunk it, huh?!
I went to college for a year and a bit, taking the jazz program at Malaspina, but the theory bogged me down so I quit. I haven’t played much flute since Randy died – I still miss him and love him and hope that he has found a place of peace to rest awhile.
For the past three years or so I have been working at a second hand store which supports Haven society – a local organization that provides counseling shelter and support for women and children who are victims of violence or abuse. It is a for profit business (the store, not Haven society) but we donate a portion of the profits to the society. Recently I was promoted to assistant manager, and I hope that eventually I might become part owner as well.
I am still single – and have been pretty much celibate aside from a six month romance which fizzled out this winter.

Planning to go to visit gerard in February or march – He is living in Thailand not even five km. from where I used to live on Phuket in Rawai. He has a thai partner and they run a restaurant and i think a bungalow or two.
Mom is in Nepal for the winter – She and Joel are happily together and just bought a place on Elba and will return there in the spring. I hope to visit them as well some time in the summer perhaps.
I guess that’s it for now…
Just wanted to say Hi and wish you and yours peace and love,
By the way, I don’t know if you realize this, but I am pretty sure I never would have gotten into flute if it hadn’t been for you having one all those years ago- so thank you!

13 11 2010

Hey Laurie…just wondering if you are able to delete that last comment of mine from this. i didn’t think about google searches when i wrote it, and would rather it were not public. Thanks, Pilinka

13 11 2010

Dear Pilinka, I have just searched WordPress to find my blogs. Unfortunately my laptop was recently at my nerd friend’s home while he was correcting multiple illnesses and though I can find my current blog I couldn’t find any archives. I am as near as cybernetically incompetent.. What was hte blog you were commenting on about? what was it titled? Why are you concerned about whjat you may have written? I dont remember your saying anything compromising. I will try again when Dorian is here to try to find my history which seems to have disappeared. Snow has arrived. In a few weeks leave for Thailand for the winter.It is snowy this morning brrrrrr.My legs ae not working well lately…..rrrrr age! hope you are well and happy geep me informed. Love Laurie

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